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Welcome to my Rainbow Garden of Art and Creativity Playshops

Creating my art is like a spiritual garden where I grow rainbows of colors.

It is my meditation, along with yoga, and a way for me to achieve inner and outer harmony as I journey on the spiral path of life.

My stories on Cowbird.com, http://cowbird.com/author/connie-livingston-dunn/ 


Mimosa Love

Oil Painting, 20 x 20", Gallery Wrap Canvas

Prints Available


I'm in the Labyrinth Crystal

The Key is Love and Gratitude with Awareness 

Creative Heart Intuition=CHI

 Heart based creative intuition mentoring, Huna teachings, and Toltec mentoring 

in the tradition of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, 

and Power of Belief (TM) mentoring, developed by Ray Dodd, 

author of The Power of Belief  and Belief Works 

Certified Belief Works Mentor, Board Certified Art Therapist

Excerpt from "Forming the Pearl: Creative Receptive Expressive Therapy"

Process Applications With Adults Who Have Been Sexually Abused 

Paperback:  http://www.amazon.com/Forming-Pearl-Creative-Receptive-Expressive/dp/1456544160 

E-book: http://www.bookwhirl.com/e-Bookshelf/Book/forming-the-pearl-creative-receptive-expressive-therapy-with-adults-who-have-been-sexually-abused/118.html



Comments on Connie's Art

One might say that Connie Livingston-Dunn bridges the gap between the technical reality of the life of fractals and the fantasy that can be derived from it. As a matter of fact it is the artist herself who equivocates fractal with fantasy. The fractal dredges up existential reality and emanation to begin with. The endless manifestation and morphing that is essential to the reality of fractals is evident. But there is also a re-organizing of reality done within them, which this artist has seized upon for her own duplicity - regarding the portals of a pure fantasy life and setting up the surface to reflect this. A use of fractals laced with sincerity. Charlie Newton, Director of Fathom Gallery, Chattanooga, TN

Your combination of pattern, the recognizable and the mysterious nature of the unknown makes your vision unique, yet approachable.  The work is rapt with much positivity, not to mention possibility!  Marjorie Kaye, Director, Caladan Gallery

"Connie has created many beautiful works of art in oil paint and watercolors, prints of dazzling vivid colors, tranquil and relaxing paintings, artwork that will reel you into a world where color surrounds you with warmth and comfort...It screaming tranquility".  Deb Jackson

Those are beautiful this month! I took a whole course in fractals and chaos theory when I was in graduate school.  I recognized many of the shapes right away:-).  Pat Riley, Associate Professor of Math and Statistics and Director of Student Activities, Hopkinsville Community College, Hopkinsville, KY, comment from solo exhibit at Hopkinsville Community College, Kentucky

"I'd like to tell you which one I like best, but each one is so beautiful I can't choose.  The paintings are magical. They transport me to a dreamy, mystical, colorful world".  Lisa Tener, Author of Good and Mad: Transform Anger Using Mind, Body, Soul and Humor, Writing Coach, Saunderstown RI

"This art therapist's art is a joy to meditate with, a spectrum of beauty; using the imagery of fractals, the artist brings the viewer into their own unique inner world. Wassily Kandinsky is noted as being a primary influence on her work."  Suzanne Bishop, Franklin TN

9th Annual Abstraction International, 2007 Upstream People Gallery, Special Recognition

Connie Livingston-Dunn of Springville, Tennessee takes advantage of her digital knowledge to create some very interesting collages. “Brahma Gupta Crevice” is one of those in which flower-like images composed of fanciful curvilinear constructions overlay a soften patterned backdrop.

9th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media International Juried Online Art Exhibition, 2007, Special Recognition 

Connie Livingston-Dunn of Springville, TN has mastered the digital media in the wonderful layering of imagery which is quite successful in her piece “Dreamer”. The fanciful fractalizing overlapping the brain area of the silver-like face portrays the idea well.




Updated April, 2014


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