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Creative Heart Intuition (CHI) Coaching/Mentoring

Toltec Teachings, Law of Attraction and Creative Arts  

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Living and Loving Your Life With Creativity Through Awareness, Transformation, Love and Intent

Paideia Means "Life is Art and Art is Life"

Toltec Means "Artist of the Spirit"

To schedule a half hour phone sample session or for more information, please email me at connie@rainbowartscenter.com.  

Teaching/Mentoring is by phone and by email.  


How do we increase the quality of our lives?  What helps us to keep our energy balanced and refined?  How do we discover our inner desires and purpose?

When we explore our beliefs and challenges and tap into our inner wisdom and potential with creativity and gratitude, we create and attract our desires.  When we are engaged in creating abundance, our energy becomes fine tuned to flow in awareness, with inner wisdom and gratitude, and our life becomes art and our art becomes life.  Our vibrations are fine tuned, our energy is balanced and peaceful, and we are floating and steering effortlessly with the current. 

If our beliefs are based on scarcity, then our mind chatter stifles our natural self and we live in fear instead of unconditional love from our heart intuition.  When we are in scarcity, we feel fearful, not good enough, not enough, and we seem to be out of synchronicity.  We seem to be paddling as fast as we can or floating and tossing aimlessly in the sea of illusions and creating more scarcity. 

We observe and experience everything through our filter of personal beliefs and agreements, and we create our own personal reality by our choices, conscious or not.  Beliefs affect our performance at work, our attitudes about money and how we conduct our relationships. In other words, we are what we believe we are. These beliefs have a major impact on what captures our attention and they propel us into re-action to situations from our old points of view instead of action and response from being in awareness with no point of view and no expectations which puts in resonance with the flow. 

Along the way we encounter challenges that can be signs (and songs) that alert us to pay attention to our filter of personal beliefs and agreements and we use creativity and intuition from the heart to change those beliefs so they are based on love and gratitude instead of beliefs based on fear and scarcity.  

When we plant our garden with seeds of love, gratitude and wisdom, we change our old agreements based on fear that are obstacles to our being happy, successful and effective. Creative activities are gardening for the soul as we begin the activity with exploration and planting the seed, watching it growing and blossoming as we experience and appreciate the creative process with serene acceptance. 


As a board certified Art Therapist, I have been leading experiential seminars using the creative arts for over 40 years, in a variety of areas.  Over this time, I developed a method called "Creative/Receptive Expressive Arts" which I used with clients and students.  Since then it has evolved into the Creative Heart Intuition (CHI) Coach/Mentor Program,  with a process that transforms our beliefs and challenges into gifts of creative energy, where non-judgmental awareness and discernment are nurtured through the process of being receptive to our creativity and willing to express our beauty through the arts.  

I am ever so grateful for what my students and clients have taught me through the years about the creative process and its ability to heal, and their exquisite process and creations have amazed and thrilled me.  I facilitate "playshops", using the Creative Receptive Expressive Arts and the Creative Heart Intuition process.  This includes: joureying through archetypal images, creative dreamplay, paint dancing and dancing our stories; touching the Shamanic healer within through medicine wheels, mandalas and masks; meditation and inner centering through art; and spiritual growth through the 9 Point Personality System of the Enneagrams.  

Connie Livingston-Dunn, Ph-D, has been an apprentice and Toltec dreamer in the tradition of Don Miguel Ruiz for 8 years, a certified Power of Belief ™ mentor and Law of Attraction practitioner.  She has made several trips to the pyramids at Teotihuacan in Mexico for Toltec teachings and ceremonies, and also leads groups to the pyramids where she combines the teachings with creativity and the arts.  Connie is an artist, teacher, board certified art therapist and certified hypnotherapist.  

To schedule a half hour sample session or learn more about “Creative Heart Intuition” (CHI) coach/mentor program please email me at connie@rainbowartscenter.com  or yogart41 at yahoo dot com.




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