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Myth of Mandy Brot



Mandy Brot lived on a planet far away, perhaps in another galaxy or maybe another dimension that was not quite like the one we are familiar with. She lived with her family and friends in Plato's Cave beneath the mountain, where it was very dark. Yet sometimes she could see a faint light coming from the direction of the voltolon rock carving.  

One day she decided she would explore past the voltolon even though it was forbidden by the law of the Cave Club.  Ahhh, it was time for an adventure. She crept out of the cave very slowly so she wouldn't make any noise or be noticed by the other Brots and Julias who who very strictly followed the laws of the land.


Plato's Cave


As she emerged from the cave, the beauty of the light above her was astounding.  She took her veil off for a moment so she could see better, but the light was too bright and that was very frightening so she rapidly put it back on.  Still, she was a brave Brot and wanted to know more about this strange and beautiful world that she had encountered.  She realized she was looking at something the ancient ones called the Moon, in their stories of olden times.


Moon Passages


Mandy moved up the passage to the moon to reach the light and the passage tickled her and made her feel really good.


The Sacrifice With Dreaming Mask


When she arrived at the Moon, she realized that she was choosing to sacrifice her fears, beliefs and point of view that no longer served her.  It was the full moon and she followed the path beneath the Pyramid of the Moon to a dark cave where there was an altar (and altars, alter) with strange inscriptions painted on it. She was between love and fear at the prospect of creating herself in a new way. 

She approached the altar and lay her head upon the markings, ready to sacrifice herself to the unknown.  She placed her shield above the altar and the floating globe and the dream mask over her face and began to dream her new dream from awareness.

(The dream mask is an artifact from the Toltec tradition in Mexico and the shield is from a mural at the housing complex of Tempantitla at the Pyramids of Teotihuacan.  The coloring in the fractal and  Mandy's body, is reminiscent of the murals at Teo with their texture from the worn and faded paint).


Pearly Gate


After the sacrifice Mandy felt much lighter.  She began to explore this new place and discovered the white pearly gate that leads to the island of the unknown. 

Will she go through the gate to the unknown of living in love and eating sweet nectar and honey or will she turn back in fear to the known and predictable stability of Plato's dark cave and dwell on slime poo-poo-dunks and stories of drama?  Honey or poo?

Only she can choose which path she will take. Which path will you choose?

To be continued..........




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