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About Connie


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When I permanently injured my right arm in 1984, I began painting with my left hand, which resulted in a looser, more abstract style of aerial views of landscapes and cityscapes, while my watercolors moved towards mystical symbols and rainbows, with washes of vibrant colors. 

Although I have been an artist in various media for many years, I became fascinated with fractals in the 1980's.  In 2002 I began combining digital photographs and fractals with sepia photographs from the 1800’s, and called them “Crazy Quilt Collages”.  Recently I have been able to import pictures of my paintings and mixed media artwork into the fractal program and manipulate them as fractals.  Then I export them, paint them digitally.  This, in turn, impacts my painting style of dots and tie dyed effects that have been compared to Rorschach ink blots.   

As a retired art therapist, the expressionists and visionary artists, such as Kandinsky and his philosophy, have influenced my painting style in oil, acrylic and watercolor.  My current artworks can be very ambiguous in meaning and content and some of them have been describes as being like tie dye or Rorschach inkblots with hidden images and pointillism dots. 

I explore the richness and understructure or fractal base of the universe and the texture of invisible infinity.  Creating art is my spiritual garden where I grow rainbows of colors and is my meditation, along with yoga.  It’s a way for me to reach my higher power and achieve inner and outer harmony as I journey on the spiral path of life.

I believe the universe is a holographic fractal and we are all made from the same building blocks of love/energy/light. Fractal geometry provides order from out of chaos. Hidden within the order are a myriad of spirals, which seems to me to be the point where creation begins. 

Connie is an adjunct professor at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee, and at Murray State University in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. She maintains a consultation and private practice and is the founder and director of the "Rainbow Arts Center".  She is a member of the Downtown Artist's Cooperative in Clarksville, Tennessee, and past president of the Tennessee Art Therapy Association.   She was also director of the Art Therapy Internship Program at Mt. Mary College in Milwaukee, taught art at Sauk Valley College in Dixon, Illinois and art therapy at Oasis Center in Chicago. She has presented many seminars and workshops nationally on art and expressive therapy and is the author of Functional Art Therapy for the Severely Handicapped, and Forming the Pearl: A Creative Receptive Process Model of Expressive Therapy. She is listed in the Chicago Art Review and has had her artwork and an article published in Working With Images: The Art of Art Therapists.

Connie is a board certified art therapist and is certified as an expressive therapist and hypnotherapist. She received her doctorate in expressive therapy from the National Institute of Expressive Therapy in Honolulu, Hawaii, her Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts Degrees from Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, and her Associate of Arts Degree from Sauk Valley College in Dixon, IL.  She has worked as an art and expressive therapist for over 35 years in a variety of settings.  


2010                 Hopkinsville Community College, Hopkinsville, KY, “And What Is It?”

2010                 Downtown Artists’ Cooperative, Clarksville, TN, “The Rhythm of Paint and Pixel”

2008                 Fathom Gallery, Chattanooga , TN , September Featured Artist

2008                 Caladan Gallery, Cambridge, MA, March featured artist, “Microcosmic Observations”

2006                 Downtown Artists Cooperative, Clarksville , TN , “Portals in Dreaming”

2006                 Hopkinsville Community College , Hopkinsville , KY , “Fractal Metaphors”

2004-05           Customs House Museum , Clarksville , TN , with platinum photographs by Robert Musguerd, “From the Heart”

2003                 Downtown Artists Cooperative, Clarksville , TN


2010                 APSU Downtown Gallery, Clarksville, TN, Austin Peay State University Art Department Faculty Show

2009                 Upstream People Gallery, Omaha , NE , 11th Annual Painting, Drawing, Photography and Print International Juried Online Exhibition

2009                 Renaissance Center , Dickson , TN , 11th Annual Renaissance Regional Art Exhibition

2009                 Caladan Gallery, Cambridge , MA , “Impact”

2008                 Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville, TN, Artists’ With Disabilities”, May – September

2008                 Caladan Gallery, Cambridge, MA, Mystery of the Natural World”

2008                 MOCA Museum Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, International Digital Fine Art Show

2007                 Caladan Gallery, Cambridge, MA, Pure Color, Award, solo exhibition

2007                 Upstream People Gallery, 9th Annual Abstraction International, Special Recognition

2007                 Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest, Honorable Mention, Madrid

2007                 Upstream People Gallery, Omeha, NE, 9th Annual Collage & Mixed Media Art

                          International Juried Online Exhibition, Special Recognition

2007                 Caladan Gallery, Cambridge, MA, Darkness: World and Culture

2007                 Caladan Gallery, Cambridge, MA, Cosmic Influence

2006                 Upstream People Gallery, 8th Annual Collage & Mixed Media Art International Juried Online Exhibition

2006                 Customs House Museum Arts and Craft Exhibition

2006                 MOCA Museum Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, “The Donnie 2006 Show”

Paintings and Artist’s Statement in:                                                                                        

Working With Images: The Art of Art Therapists and Chicago Art Review

9th Annual Abstraction International, 2007 Upstream People Gallery, Special Recognition

Connie Livingston-Dunn of Springville, Tennessee takes advantage of her digital knowledge to create some very interesting collages. “Brahma Gupta Crevice” is one of those in which flower-like images composed of fanciful curvilinear constructions overlay a soften patterned backdrop.

9th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media International Juried Online Art Exhibition, 2007, Special Recognition 

Connie Livingston-Dunn of Springville, TN has mastered the digital media in the wonderful layering of imagery which is quite successful in her piece “Dreamer”. The fanciful fractalizing overlapping the brain area of the silver-like face portrays the idea well.


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