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Royal Photograph Gallery

Published in New York in 1893

Quotes Are From the Book

[Egypt] [Mexico]

Book Cover


Taj Mahal


"In the Taj Mahal, Agra, India, the architecture of India finds its choicest and best expression.  It was erected by Shah Jehan, who began to reign in 1628, as a mausoleum of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.  The body of the Emperor himself lies by her side.  Twenty thousand men worked twenty years to build this "mystic monument of love', which overlooks the River Jumna.  Impressive at all times on account of its supreme architectural loveliness, its immaculate white walls and graceful proportions appear to singular perfection in the pale starlight."


Inca Pottery


"Antiquities made by the Incas of Bolivia--An author, learned in South American antiquities, points out a striking resemblance between them and the Egyptian.  To the plain understanding there seems to be nothing surprising in coincidences which represent like stages of artistic development the suggestions of necessity or convenience, and the copying of natural forms which have a general likeness all the world over.  In the picture before him the reader sees at least one subject of which the ancient Egyptians had no knowledge, but of which the unknown Inca who made it had as intimate knowledge as the Bolivian of to-day.  The llama was a pretty good subject for the primitive artist being an everyday object to him; and it may be taken for granted that an ancient Egyptian would have chosen, like him, that graceful animal for a model had he been acquainted with it".



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