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6 Sided Flower Frame

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Made in PSP 7 and is adaptable to V8 or V9

Advanced PSP Users

By Connie Lynn

The creations you make with this tutorial belong to you, but the tutorial belongs to me.

In this tut you will design a six sided figure using the shapes tool, and become familiar with making a variety of shaped frames, using these techniques.

You will need a gradient or gold pattern, graphics and tubes of your choice.

No outside filters needed.


1.Open a canvas 500 x 500 to give us room to work.

2.In your color palate, make the background style null and set the foreground to black.


3.Click on your shapes tool and in the tool settings, select the hexagon, antialias and create as.vector checked. Set line width to 3.

4.Draw your hexagon and then move the center until it lines up with 250 on the width and the length of your graphic. (If you doní't have your ruler on, go to view and click on rulers). This sets up the six sides of the flower so we can get the petals evenly spaced and at the right angle.

5.Create a new vector layer and change your shapes tool to the pentagram and keep the same settings as above.

6.Use the vector squares to pull the bottom of the shape to match the top line of the hexagram. Rename layer to top.

7.Duplicate layer, image, flip. Rename this layer bottom.


8.Duplicate layer again, and convert to raster. Using the deformation tool, turn it so one side lines up with the lower right side. Rename it lower right.

9.Duplicate lower right layer and flip. Again line up with the hexagon, if necessary. Rename this layer lower left.

10.Duplicate lower left layer and flip, lining one side up with the hexagon, using the deformation tool. Rename it upper left.

11.Duplicate upper left petal and image>mirror. Again line it up with the hexagon and rename it upper right.

 Your layers should look like this.

12.Turn off the center hexagon and make any adjustments to the petals with deformation or mover tool so that all the points of the petals are touching, but not overlapping.

13.Making sure all layers have been converted to raster, go to layers>merge>merge visible all the shapes layers.

This gives you the six sides of your flower frame.

14.New layer and flood fill with gradient of your choice.

15.Go back to flower layer, select magic wand and click outside the flower shape.


17.Save selection to alpha channel, selections>save to alpha channel.

18.Selection>modify>expand 7 pixels, invert selection.

19.Click on gold/gradient layer and hit delete, select none.

20.Load selection from alpha channel, selections>load from alpha channel, and hit delete.

21.Hold down shift key and click inside the shape, still on the gold layer. Invert selection.

22.Apply bevel using these settings:

width 8

smoothness 40

depth 2

ambience 0

shininess 71

color white

angle 315

intensity 50

elevation 20


23.Apply drop shadow,

            vertical and horizontal 2

            opacity 70 and blur 8.2

24.Change vertical and horizontal to -2.

25.Select none.

26.You can save your frame at this point as a PSP file if you like, so that you can use it for different graphics.

27.Duplicate flower frame and close your PSP file.

28.Using your magic wand, select inside the flower frame and expand the selection to 7.

28.New raster layer. Copy and paste your graphic into selection and move below frame.

29.At this point you may want to resize your graphics to a smaller size.

30.Add tube over the frame shape.

31.Add background, your signature and frame if you so desire.


Enjoy making lots of new frame shapes!!

Here are a couple more examples.

This was made by  BobbiJayne, aka Midnight Candle

Beautiful!!  And thanks for sharing it with me.





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