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Push The Boundaries

PSP Tut was done in V8 but may be adapted for other versions.


 Copyright 2010 Connie Livingston-Dunn


Materials needed to complete the tutorial

Zip File


Open the zip file and place the materials in your "Pushing the Boundaries" folder.


Open a new image--width 720 x height 576 at 72 pixels per inch (ppi).

Save your file as a psp file with whatever name you choose and remember to save it periodically as you work.

Open your Color Options jpg and select the eye dropper on your tools bar.  With the eye dropper right select the cream color and left select the orange and you will see that they are now the selected colors in your materials.

Make sure you have selected the gradient by clicking on the box below the color to the left.  

Flood fill the layer by selecting the Flood Fill tool in your tools bar and right clicking on your mouse.

Name that layer Orange Gradient and duplicate it.

On the first duplicate, go to Effects>>>Texture Effects>>>Blinds. 

Uncheck horizontal and use eyedropper to select the brown from your color swatch for the color.

Click ok.

Right click on the layer in your layer section to the left of your screen sand name it Blinds.

Duplicate that layer and go to Effects>>>Distortion Effects>>>Twirl, 150 setting.

Click ok and then repeat by hitting Ctrl and y at the same time.

Right click on this layer and name it Blinds Twirl.

Go back to Blinds layer and duplicate layer.  

On the duplicate layer select the Push Brush from your tool bar.

with these settings.

Make random pushes on the blinds, 

then right click on this layer and name it BlindsPush

You now have a background layer of Orange Gradient, Blinds layer, Blinds Push layer and a Blinds Twirl layer.

Right click on the Orange Gradient layer and select new layer.  Name this layer Orange and move to the bottom of the layer stack for the time being.  

Flood fill with flat orange background by changing the gradient to the solid orange color. Move the Blinds Twirl layer above the Blinds layer.

Open your woman's face tube and the woman dressed in white and copy and paste each one as a new layer.

Make all layers invisible except the Blinds Twirl layer and the woman dressed in white.

Select the selection tool, rectangle and on the Blinds push layer 

draw a rectangle large enough for the woman to fit inside.  

Go to Selections and click on promote selection to layer and name it Rectangle.

Create new raster layer below the rectangle layer.  

Go to Selections>>>Modify>>>Expand 10 pixels.

Click arrow by your top color swatches so that the orange is in the top square. Click on your right mouse and flood fill the selection in the new layer with this gradient.

Go to Selections>>>Modify>>>Contract 10 pixels, hit delete key and deselect and name this layer Frame.

Go to Effects>>>3D Effects>>>Inner Bevel with these settings, 

Go to Effects>>>3D Effects>>>Drop Shadow with the settings of 

Then change the vertical and horizontal to -4.

Make sure the frame layer is above the push blinds rectangle that you cut out.  

Close all layers except these two layers and go to Layers>>>Merge Visible and rename layer Frame Twirl.

Select your moving tool and move frame to lower left and make woman layer visible.  Move her over the frame as shown in finished tut above.  Make both layers invisible.

Click on the original rectangle layer and go to Effects>>>Distortion>>>Twirl, using these settings and then repeat Twirl.


Using deform tool, stretch out the twist by pulling on the upper and lower center small red squares so that it comes to the top and the bottom of your picture.  

Click on mover tool and move to the right.

Open the Face layer and place the face over the center of the twist. Reduce the size of the face by going to Image>>>Resize with all layers NOT checked.  Repeat until it is a size that fits your twirl.

Delete layer Blinds Twirl and Blinds.

Arrange layers with blend settings and transparency of layers as shown below.  You may need to vary the settings as each of your layers will be somewhat different from mine.

Go to Layers>>>Merge>>>Merge All.

Now we will frame it by going to Image>>>Add Borders set at 15 pixels wide.  Use Magic Wand to select the border and flood fill as in the previous frame with the same bevel and drop shadows.  Put your signature on the picture and save as a jpg. 

That's all folks!!  I hope you enjoyed it.



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