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Butterflies Are Free

PSP Tut was done in V8 but may be adapted for other versions.



 Copyright 2010 Connie Livingston-Dunn


Materials needed to complete the tutorial.

Zip File with supplies


Open the zip file and place the CLD watercolor in your folder for "Butterflies Are Free", 

the brush in My Documents>>>My PSP Files>>>Brushes 

and the gradient in the Gradient folder, the same location as Brushes.


Open the CLD watercolor background image contained in the zip file, duplicate and close the original image.

I also like to duplicate the original layer of the Background just in case.  

Save your image as a psp file with whatever name you choose and remember to save it periodically as you work.

Create a new raster layer.

Set your color palette up as below.  I used Rainbow Pastel Gradient, but you can choose your favorite one.

Select your Paint Brush from the Tools and select the CLD Butterfly brush with these settings.

Place your butterfly near the bottom of your image and with the two choices in your gradient, 

Right clicking will give you one coloring and left clicking will give you a different coloring.  

Change the size of your Paint Brush to 180, and create a new raster layer.  

Place this butterfly near the left top of your image.

Image>>>Rotate Image>>>Free Rotation set at 45 degrees, all layers unchecked.

Create another raster layer and set your brush size to 90 and put another smaller butterfly in the lower left.

Image>>>Rotate Image>>>Free Rotation set at 55 degrees, all layers unchecked.

Set the layer blend at Screen.  Depending on your gradient, you may want to experiment with the layer blends 

for all your butterflies, trying Color, Luminous, Saturation, etc. to see which you like best.

Select Text Tool and your favorite wide font, I used Gill Sans Ultra Bold. 

Your Font size will depend on your choice of fonts.

Type in Butterflies, apply and position it toward the top.  

Sometimes I will pull the shape out longer by using the Vector boxes.  

When you have your script how you like it, change the layer to raster.

Type in Are Free, as directions above, apply and then And So Are You, with same directions.

You will need to position your text and butterflies so they are balanced.

Change your font size to a bit smaller and add your signature near the bottom.

Use these settings for a bevel for your butterflies and your text.

Add a drop shadow of +2 Horizontal and Vertical to your butterflies and text.  

I turned the layer opacity down on all of my layers so that my colors were softer, but again, 

play with the layer blends until you like it.

I also duplicated the white butterfly, reduced its size by 10% and rotated it 11 degrees.

Save as PSP file.  

Copy merged and paste as new image. 

Selections>>>Select All.

Selections>>>Modify>>>Contract by 10 pixels.  

Apply Inner Bevel with same settings as before.  

Selections>>>Invert selection and apply Inner Bevel.  Deselect and save as jpg.

That's all folks!!  Enjoy!



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