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Electro Flower

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By Connie Lynn

Made with PSP 7 but can be adapted for V8 or 9


The creations you make with this tutorial belong to you, but the tutorial belongs to me.

Filters needed: 

DSB Flux: http://www.photoshop-filters.com/html/dsb_flux.htm 

Xero: http://www.xero-graphics.co.uk/ 

Here is my fractal, made in UltraFractal 4 before I began the steps below. 

If you want to use this image to play with, please right click and copy.

1.  Open your graphic, duplicate, and close original.

2.  Set your freehand tool to feather 5, anti-alias checked and trace around a part of your graphic that you would like to emphasize.  Copy and paste as new layer. Close layer for the time being.

3.  Duplicate your original layer. That way if you want to change something, you still have the original layer to go back to.

4.  Apply effects> noise> edge preserving smooth, set at 20, and then effects> sharpen> unsharp mask with the following settings: 

5.  New layer, go to filters DSB Flux and apply electrosphere with these settings (45, 29, 36, 67, 0):

6.  Still on the same layer, apply Funhouse, ZigZaggerate with zigs and zags set at 60.

7.  Turn this layer down to about 40%, depending on your graphic and your taste.

8.  Make the layer visible that you cut out from your graphic and pasted as a new layer.  Move layer to the top and move into position over your original graphic layer.

9.  Layers> merge> merge all.

10.  Apply Xero, porcelain with the following settings (50, 128,128)

11.  Add frame of 15 pixels, select with magic wand, making sure you change it back to 0 on the feather. Apply DSB Flux electrosphere and use a bevel and drop shadow of your choice.

12.  Add your signature, apply electrosphere while it is still selected and drop shadow.

                13.  Merge all and resize.

                I hope you enjoyed this tut!!


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