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Jupiter Dreams

PSP Tut was done in V8 but may be adapted for other versions.


 Copyright 2010 Connie Livingston-Dunn


Materials needed to complete the tutorial.

Download "Filter Factory Gallery H" here and place in your PSP Plug-in folder,


Zip File with supplies 


Open the zip file and place the Sky Clouds and Jupiter Clouds in your folder for "Jupiter Dreams", 

along with the tubes. 


Open the Sky Clouds image contained in the zip file, duplicate and close the original image.

I also like to duplicate the original layer of the Background just in case.  

Save your image as a psp file with whatever name you choose and remember to save it periodically as you work.

Create a new raster layer, copy and paste the Jupiter Clouds into the new layer, 

or slide the layer to your Jupiter Dreams image.

From your Tools, select the Freehand Selection Tool with the Feather set to 20, and draw around the top part of the image like this.

Hit delete and now part of the Sky Cloud layer below is showing at the top.  Deselect.

Open Garden Path, duplicate and close original.  

Draw around the path and flowers, with Freehand Selection Tool, still set at Feather 20.  

Invert selection and hit delete key.  Deselect.  Copy and paste as new layer on your image.

Position it at the bottom right.  

Open the Italian Villa tube, copy and paste as new layer and position to the top left, 

above the Garden Path.

Copy merged and paste as a new layer.  Duplicate layer.

Your image will now look like this.

Adjust>>>Add/Remove Noise>>>Edge Preserving Smooth set at 30.

Effects>>>Edge Effects>>>Enhance

Duplicate this layer twice and on the lower layer, apply 

Effects>>>Artistic Media Effects>>>Brush Strokes with these settings.

On the second duplicate layer apply the Wet Watercolor Script.

Make sure your original layer with the Edge Preserving smooth and Enhance Edges is below these two layers.

Save as a PSP file and duplicate image.  Delete all the layers below your merged layer, so they will look like this.

Now we can have some fun with these two layers, changing the blend modes and opacity.

Delete all the layers below your merged layer, so they will look like this, 

and with these settings, 

and your image looks like this.

Here is another variations with more of an impressionistic look and layer settings.

Save your image as PSP file.

Make 2 duplicate images and save one as jpg.

Effects>>>Filter Factory H>>>Chaos Tiles with these settings.

Go to your materials and set the top one to Patterns and use this image.

Then go to your other duplicate Image>>>Add Borders of 20.

Select border with magic wand with Feather set to zero 

and flood fill with pattern by left clicking in border.

Use these settings for frame bevel.

Add a drop shadow of +2 Horizontal and Vertical.  

Deselect, add your signature and save as jpg.

That's all folks!!  Enjoy!



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