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My Blue Heaven Name Tag

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Connie Lynn


Made in PSP 7, but you can also use V 8 or 9

No outside filters were used

Font I used: Ignacio

The creations you make with this tutorial belong to you, but the tutorial belongs to me.

Everyone's name will come out differently,

 so you may need to adjust settings that are given in this tut. 


Open a transparent canvas 600 by 600 to give us lots of room to work.

Select a pretty shade of light blue for the background and a darker blue for the foreground.  Change foreground to gradient with these settings.

New raster layer and then select text in bold, with floating and anti-alias checked, size 72, kerning and leading at -2.  Type in your name in capital letters, using a font with broad strokes.  You may have to adjust this size if you select a different font.  

Apply drop shadow of 0 vertical and 1 horizontal, opacity 70 and blur 8.2, and again with horizontal at -1. Then you can apply an inner bevel if you choose. By using drop shadow first, the bevel is not so strong and gives a nicer appearance to your name.

I used these settings for my drop shadow.  Name this layer "original name".

Duplicate layer and close the original name layer for later use.  On the duplicate, go to image, rotate 90 degrees right, all layers not checked.

Duplicate this layer again, image>mirror, and move the two names together so they are touching. Close off your background layer and merge>merge visible the two name layers.

Duplicate the merged name layer and move it over to one side so your name touches the edges of the first name layer. Again merge>merge visible. It will now look like this. 

Resize name (I used 80%, but if you have a longer or shorter name your percent may be different).

Here is where the fun begins.   



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