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Optic Shadows

PSP Tut was done in V8 but may be adapted for other versions.


 Copyright 2010 Connie Livingston-Dunn


Materials needed to complete the tutorial

Zip File with supplies


Open the zip file and place the materials in your folder for "Optic Shadows".


Open the Background image contained in the zip file, duplicate and close the original image.

I like to duplicate the original layer of the Background.  

Save your image as a psp file with whatever name you choose and remember to save it periodically as you work.

Go to Effects>>>Art Media Effects>>>Brush Stroke with these settings and click ok.

Duplicate this layer and then click on Effects>>>Art Media Effects>>>Black Pencil with these settings.

Set the layer blend mode of the black pencil layer to Multiply.

It will now look like this.

Open your woman tube or any favorite tube that you would like to use 

and select your color picker.  Choose two colors from your tube for your materials colors.

Set the top color box to gradient, with your lightest color in the top box.

Right click on your raster 2 layer and create new raster layer.  

Left click on flood fill tool to fill the layer with the gradient.

Open the mask 67.jpg and go to Layers>>>New Mask Layer>>>From Image.  

Right Click on the top group raster layer and create new raster layer.

Open BW mask jpg and then go to your materials colors and click on the arrow under the top gradient box 

so that the gradient is now in the lower box.

Right click on your flood fill to flood the layer.

Your image will now look similar to this, depending on the colors that you chose.

I turned the opacity down to 64 on the layer with the Mask 67, 

but you will need to do whatever adjustments for your colors.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer and position similar to mine in the picture above.  

Create a new raster layer and go to Selections>>>Select All.

Open up your jpg, Circle Shadows, select copy and then paste into the selection on your new layer 

by right clicking on the top bar of your graphics and selecting Paste>>>Paste into selection.

Make sure this layer is on top, and set the opacity to 32.

Click on Control D to deselect.

Click on your text icon and then click on your picture.  Select a font that you like.  I used Bodoni MT Black set at size 36.

Make sure your top color materials box is set to the darkest color and your gradient is in the bottom color box.  

Type in your name and click ok.

Click Image>>>Rotate>>>Free Rotation and click on Left and 90 degrees and make sure that all layers is NOT checked.  Click ok.

Grab your text in the middle where the cross forms and drag it to the right of your image as in above finished image.

Right click on the layer and convert to raster layer.

Go to Effects>>>Drop Shadow, with the H and V set to 2.

Save file as psp file.  Then copy merged and paste as new image.

Add borders, it may say you have to flatten the layer, click yes and set borders to 7.

Select magic wand with tolerance and feather set to 0, and click in border.  

Flood fill with gradient.

Effects>>>Inner Bevel>>>3D Effects with these settings.

Then go to Effects>>>Drop Shadow with the H and V at 2 and click ok.

Go back to Drop Shadow and change the settings to -2.

Deselect and save your image as a jpg file.

That's all folks!!  Enjoy!



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