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Texture Adds Interest

PSP Tut was done in V8 but may be adapted for other versions.


 Copyright 2010 Connie Livingston-Dunn


Materials needed to complete the tutorial

Zip File with supplies


Open the zip file and place the materials in your folder for "Optic Shadows".


Open the Abstract 01 image contained in the zip file, duplicate and close the original image.

I like to duplicate the original layer of the Background just in case.  

Save your image as a psp file with whatever name you choose and remember to save it periodically as you work.

Go to Effects>>>Art Media Effects>>>Brush Stroke with these settings and click ok.

Duplicate this layer and then click on Effects>>>Distortion Effects>>>Twirl, degree set at 120.

Click on your original Brush Strokes layer and select your Hue Up/Down Brush here.

Use these settings.

When using this brush, you will get richer colors if you use one big stroke for it, 

as below, rather than several separate strokes. 

Make sure the Twirl layer is above the Hue Brush layer and set the layer blend mode of Twirl to Difference.

It will now look similar to this.

Select a couple of your favorite colors for the Materials Color Palette and set the bottom one to gradient and the top one to solid color.

Select the Pen Tool and use these settings.

Draw a shape similar to below on the left part of your image by clicking where you want the edges of your shape to be, 

and it will automatically fill in your shape with the solid color as the outline.

Convert layer to raster and set the layer blend mode at difference.

Draw a second shape on the right hand side of your image, convert to raster, set blend to difference.

You can right click on the little node squares, and by holding your finger on the mouse, 

you can move the nodes if you want to change your shape.

Close all your layers except your Hue Brush layer.  

Using the Pen draw around part of your pen strokes so that you have a third shape in the middle of your image.

Again convert to raster, set blend layer mode to difference.

I moved my outer two shapes in to where they slightly overlapped the middle shape.

Pull your Twirl layer up above the three shapes.  

You may decide that your image looks better if you lower the opacity of this layer.

Click on your text icon and then click on your picture.  Select a font that you like.  I used BrushScript MT set at size 30.

Make sure your top color materials box is set to the darkest color and your gradient is in the bottom color box.  

Type in Texture and apply.  Sometimes I will pull the shape out longer by using the Vector boxes.  

When you have your script how you like it, change the layer to raster.

Type in Adds, follow directions above.

Type in Interest, as above and then add your signature.

Pull the Twirl layer above the text layers and add a favorite tube or you can use the one in my materials folder.

I also put it below the Twirl layer.

Save as PSP file.  

Copy image merged and paste as new image.  

Image>>>Add borders set at 20 pixels.

Select magic wand with tolerance and feather set to 0, and click in border.  

Flood fill with gradient.

Effects>>>Inner Bevel>>>3D Effects with these settings or use your favorite frame.

Deselect and save your image as a jpg file.

That's all folks!!  Enjoy!



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