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Creative Receptive Arts Playshops

Toltec Teachings, Law of Attraction and Creative Arts  

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Living and Loving Your Life With Creativity Through Awareness, Transformation, Love and Intent

Paideia Means "Life is Art and Art is Life"

Toltec Means "Artist of the Spirit"


 Individual And Group Sessions Are Available

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Email Connie at: connie@rainbowartscenter.com 



Paint Dance

When we are exploring our potential, we listen to our mind chatter and see the chaos that it can produce and how it creates a body "armore" that stifles our natural self and causes us to live in fear instead of creativity and unconditional love from our heart center.  We react instead of create.

When we dance--play--paint--create, we become the Catalyst and we begin the process of uncovering our potentiality and meeting our challenges with creativity instead of reactivity.   

Dancing My Story                                                                           

The journey begins with writing our story as a myth or fairytale. We will explore our domestication process, the life scripts and rules that we follow, along with the stories we tell ourselves. The Four Agreements of Don Miguel Ruiz will be presented along with the Tibetan Wheel of Life. We will determine our life purpose and set our intent, through making a collage and experiencing the Fire Ceremony.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road                                                     

We will examine our choices and preferences through the 9 Point Personality System of the Enneagram so that we may uncover our path of transformation. By learning to perceive our true self (love) and the two sides of our false self (fear), we will discover how to transmute our wounds into treasures for our soul by developing awareness in the present moment. We will make a small "yarn painting", called a Nierika, which means sacred offering.

I Wear the Mask, the Mask Wears Me?                                      

Through mask making, we will discover which masks and archetypal images are most familiar to us.  We will learn how to choose the masks we wear, so that the masks no longer choose us, without our awareness.  The 7 Mirrors of the Essenes and the illusions and dreams that we believe to be reality will be explored so that we may promote true intimacy in our relationships with nature, with ourselves and with others, based on love, compassion and non-judgment.  

Art as Meditation: A Mandala Playshop 

We live in a fast paced world where there is always too much to do.  Our mind gets very active and then our body follows by being stressed, which can compromise our immune system.  On top of that, there is a little critic in our mind who likes to remind us how imperfect we are.  Old stories from the past lunge into view and future anticipations pop into our minds.  By learning to move into our observer self, we can reduce and eliminate much of the effects of stress on our body, mind and soul.

We will spend time in movement/dancing meditation and will nourish our creativity and soul through making Mandalas or Sacred Circles with black paper, colored pencils and gel pens.  We will create Mandala Spirit Collages and you may wish to bring special items to add to your collage, such as feathers, small stones or shells, etc. 

Silence speaks to us and we find our authentic self….

Love and Rainbows


Dr. Connie Livingston-Dunn is an artist, a board certified art therapist, and a certified expressive therapist and master hypnotherapist. She holds a doctorate in expressive therapy, and is currently an adjunct professor at Austin Peay State University and Murray State University. She is the founder and director of the Rainbow Art Center,  and has a private practice in Creative Heart Intuition (CHI) Coaching. She is a Reiki master teacher and a Toltec apprentice in the tradition of Don Miguel Ruiz and the Eagle Knights and a certified mentor for BeliefWorks. Her new book, Forming the Pearl: A Creative Receptive Process for Transformation will be released in late fall.

Contact: connie@rainbowartscenter.com for more information.

Other Playshops

Circling the Spiral Path: Inner Centering and Creative Receptive Arts (Walking the labyrinth and using art and meditation to center and ground ourselves)


Journeying with Archetypal Images: Exploring How Our Masks Influence the Choices We Make in Our Lives


Bridge to the Other Side: Using Inner Imagery and Altered States of Consciousness in the Creative Arts (Developing our intuition and recognizing synchronicities)


The Taproots of Creativity: Integrating the Left and Right Brain in Creativity 


Dance Me a Story: Myths, Metaphors and Archetypal Themes in our Stories (Writing our myths and stories we live by and changing them to challenges and adventures)


Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Spiritual Growth Through the 9 Point Personality System (Enneagrams)


Dreamworks: Windows of the Soul (Exploring our waking and sleeping dreams through creativity)


Mandalas and Medicine Wheels: Touching the Shamanic Healer Within for Balance and Harmony


Art as Meditation: The Shadow Knows (Looking at our inner judge and victim and the petty tyrants that inhabit our lives)


The Philosopher's Stone: Yin and Yang (Balancing our energy through the creative process)





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