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Creative Journey to the Sacred Toltec Pyramids

Of Teotihuacan, Mexico


Past Journeys to Teotihuacan

Toltec means “Artist of the Spirit”.   Teotihuacan, which means “Place Where Humans Become Gods”, is an ancient site with sacred mythologies and murals, archeological ruins and artifacts where myths say that the ancient Toltecs focused their intent to shift their dreams, attention and their lives.                                                         

Come join us on a relaxing and enchanting journey of creating and expressing, laughing and playing, forming new healing dreams full of love and peace instead of scarcity and anxiety.  We will weave our dreams and embrace our symbols with the inspiration of poetry, paint, pencils, prose, photography.

Re-discover your wonder and awe as we immerse ourselves in the energy of the ancient site of Teotihuacan, exploring the Sun and Moon Pyramids, the Butterfly and Jaguar Temples, the caves behind the Sun Pyramid and the Avenue of the Dead.  By tapping into our inner creative wisdom with gratitude, we create a new dream and resonate with the healing energy of the pyramids and plazas. 

We will be staying at the beautiful Villas Arqueologicas, in Teotihuacan, located near the end of the Avenue of the Dead, also known as the Avenue of the Milky Way in ancient mythology. 

Price is $900 for double occupancy (single is available for additional fee).  Airport transportation to and from the hotel is also included* as well as entry fees to the pyramids. This does not include air fare to Mexico City, Mexico, food or water, or ground transportation if you do not arrive or leave with the group*. Arrivals in Mexico City will need to be by 3:30 pm on April 15th and departures will need to be after 3 pm on April 20th. 

Please contact Connie Livingston-Dunn, yogart@bellsouth.net, or 731-642-4199 for travel more details.  A deposit of $300 must be received by March 15th to reserve your place and the remaining $600 received by April 1st.  Please reserve early to save your space.

Connie Livingston-Dunn, PhD, has been an apprentice and dreamer in the tradition of Don Miguel Ruiz for 8 years and has made several trips to Teotihuacan, Mexico, for Toltec teachings and ceremonies.  She is a certified Power of Belief (TM) mentor, trained by Ray Dodd, author of The Power of Belief and Belief Works and has also worked with several other teachers in Don Miguel’s lineage.  She is currently an apprentice with Rebecca Haywood who apprenticed as a healer, with Don Miguel and Madre Sarita. Connie is an artist, teacher, board certified art therapist, certified hypnotherapist, Creative Heart Intuition=CHI mentor, and is working



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