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Deer Park Boat

Cave-Near Sun Pyramid, Teotihuacan


Ray of Light 

KY Lake, in TN


Pear Cactus, Teotihuacan, Mexico


Mississippi River Train, IL


Lake Barkley Island, KY


Cotton Fields, TN


Kentucky Lake Heron, TN

When the ice froze over on the lake last year, one of the herons flew out and landed on the ice.  I manipulated the photo and added more color to it.


Eagle Landing

The photo was taken in Clarksville, TN near Fort Campbell and the eagle was added to commemorate the 101st Airborne Division.  Since the photo was taken, the rocks and tree are gone, to make way for a 4 lane highway.


Aura of Yellow Rose


Aura of Irises


Looking Glass Garden


Teo Cactus



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