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Toltec and Belief Works Mentoring

Toltec Teachings, Law of Attraction and Creative Arts  

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Living and Loving Your Life With Creativity Through Awareness, Transformation, Love and Intent

Paideia Means "Life is Art and Art is Life"

Toltec Means "Artist of the Spirit"

To schedule a half hour phone sample session or for more information, please email me at connie@rainbowartscenter.com.  

Teaching/Mentoring is by phone and by email.  



Cultivate Your Garden

With the Toltec Wisdom of "The Four Agreements" of Don Miguel Ruiz 

The Power of Belief (TM), The Law of Attraction,

Creative Receptive Art and Creative Heart Intuition (CHI)  

We observe and experience everything through our filter of personal beliefs and agreements and we create our own personal reality through the choices that we make.  Our beliefs affect our performance at work, our attitudes about abundance and how we conduct our relationships.  In other words, we are what we believe we are.  By identifying our beliefs based on fear and scarcity, we can change them and create new agreements and beliefs based on love, gratitude and wisdom.  Then we create a harmonious and enriched garden full of rainbows and beauty.

Toltec Means "Artist of the Spirit"

As a certified Power of Belief and Belief Works (TM) mentor, trained by Ray Dodd, ( http://www.everydaywisdom.us ) I offer an 8 weeks intensive mentoring program based on his books, The Power of Belief and Belief Works and The Four Agreements of Don Miguel Ruiz.  It encompasses the many teachings and skills that I have learned in my continuing apprenticeship and trips to Teotihuacan, with various Toltec teachers, along with the Law of Attraction.  We may also use creative activities, as we search through our stories and belief system based on fear, and change them to a path of love, gratitude and wisdom.  

To schedule a half hour phone sample session or for more information, please email me at connie@rainbowartscenter.com.  Teaching is by phone and by email.  

Also check out the "Myth of Mandy Brot", a Toltec story in process.


Connie Livingston-Dunn, Ph-D, has been an apprentice and Toltec dreamer in the tradition of Don Miguel Ruiz for 7 years, and is a certified Power of Belief and BeliefWorks mentor.  She has made several trips to the pyramids at Teotihuacan in Mexico for Toltec teachings and ceremonies, and also leads groups to the pyramids where she combines the teachings with creativity and the arts.  Connie is an artist, teacher, board certified art therapist and certified hypnotherapist.  


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